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In addition to manufacturing products, MIB can also perform some of the routine tasks the customer is doing now and freeing up valuable staff time to perform other critical tasks.

Document Imaging

Mississippi Industries for the blind has the experience and capabilities to perform paper to electronic document conversion.  With over 15,000,000 pages converted, MIB has proven its capabilities to such customers as the Mississippi Workmanís Compensation commission, Mississippi Department of Human Services, Mississippi Department of Public Safety, and the Mississippi Department of Employment Security  just to name a few.

MIB is a full service Document Conversion provider.  MIB personnel perform the necessary document preparation, scanning, indexing, quality inspections and saving of the documents in the proper format to the desired media. 

If required, MIB personnel will do any document preparation that is required before the document can be scanned.  This includes staple removal, paper clip removal, placing any additional notes added to the document on sticky notes or similar products onto a separate page in the proper place in the document to ensure that no information is lost.   

We have several large, high output scanners and can convert all types of paper documents to electronic, searchable documents.  The scanned documents can be saved in many file types  and can be matched to the customers desired type.   The scanners can scan documents in 200 dpi or 300 dpi resolution, giving the customer flexibility depending on the application.  MIB can also index the documents in the manner required by the customer and will work with the customer to establish the most efficient indexing plan.

MIB is committed to providing a quality product during the scanning process.  All pages are visually checked to ensure that the images are readable and representative of the original document.  Any pages not meeting the quality standard are rescanned and placed in the file at the proper position.

MIB will maintain the security of the customers documents at all times. Documents are kept in a secure location before, during and after the documents are scanned to ensure confidentiality and privacy.  Only personnel performing the functions in the document imaging process have access to any customer documents.  Additionally, all equipment in the document imaging department is totally isolated from other networks.   No equipment is connected to the internet or other networks, so there is no possibility for any unwanted access to the customers documents. 

If during the process of scanning the documents, a set of documents is needed by the customer for their internal use, MIB can retrieve the specified documents and return to the customer for use within a 24 hour period.

Document Destruction

Upon completion of the scanning, if the customer desires, MIB can destroy the documents to ensure security for the customer. At the same time, this will save the customer storage space and costs associated with a large volume of stored documents.

MIB is your one source for dealing with converting paper documents to electronic documents to improve retreval time, save manpower in searching and retrieving documents, and save storage space.  Let MIB be your choice for any document conversion project you may have.  And in doing so, you will be providing employment to someone who is blind or visually impaired.  Call MIB at 601-984-3200 or e-mail us at sales@msblind.org.

call center work area

Call Center Services

Mississippi Industries for the Blind operates a state of the art call/contact center and can provide both inbound and out bound call support. In addition, we have electronic communication capabilities such as e-mail.

Extensive Agent Training

All of the agents employed by the MIB call center receive extensive customer service training and can provide the most professional, customer oriented support possible. In addition to the customer service training, all agents will receive project specific training that is based on the needs of the customer and the information to be communicated to the caller.

Quality Control

call center representativeAn extensive quality control program is in place for all projects performed at MIB. Call center staff routinely monitor calls to ensure the highest performance by all MIB agents. In addition, MIB has the capability to record calls for use in quality monitoring by MIB staff or the customer along with being used for agent training.

MIB can also provide performance statistics to the customer with reports that are generated by our State of the Art Avaya phone system. These reports can be provided to the customer at any interval required by the customer.

State of the Art Equipment

MIB uses the Avaya phone system in its call center. Avaya is recognized as an industry leaderfor call center appllications. The Avaya system has all of the functions necessary to fulfill both inbound and outbound campaigns. MIB currently has 27 agent seats available for customer use, but the Avaya system has the capability for expansion to the quantity required for any project. So MIB can grow and accommodate the need for additional agents as the customerís need increases.

Quality Workforce

MIB has a very high quality workforce. All of the agents in our call center are visually impaired. Todayís technology makes this type of employment especially suited for our employees. We use various types of adaptive programs to meet the needs of our employees. We use Zoom Text screen magnifying software and JAWS screen reader. These programs the MIB agents to perform like a sighted agent and the caller will never know that the person they are speaking with is visually impaired. With every project, you will be providing employment to someone who is visually impaired and helping to reduce the very high unemployment rate for persons with a visual impairment.

If you have the need for call center services, please contact MIB and let us show what we can do to meet your needs.

MIB employee making USPS strapsIf you have the requirement for one of these services or have a need for a service not listed here, please contact our Business Development Department for more information.


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